Adobe Camera Raw 13 中文版 (发布。Photoshop 的强悍不单单是软件本身的功能强大,同时还离不开各种插件的辅助,今天就为大家带来一款 Adobe Camera Raw 中文版插件下载,通过 Adobe Camera Raw 中文版插件可以帮助您快速的处理 Raw 文件,并且能够处理不同数码相机所生成的不同 Raw 文件,可以说是一款 photoshop 必备的增效工具。

Adobe Camera Raw 对于数字摄影师们来说,处理 RAW 文件实在是一个令人头疼棘手的问题,因为这种文件通常处理起来要耗费很长的时间,而且不同数码相机所生成的RAW文件也千差万别。不过现在,Adobe 公司的 Photoshop Camera Raw and JPEG 2000 插件包能够为你缓解一下这方面的痛苦。有了它,你就能够在熟悉的 Photoshop 界面内打开并编辑这些 RAW 文件了。


What’s new in Adobe Camera Raw 13.2
June 4, 2021
Instantly improve image quality:
Super Resolution in the Enhance Preview dialog box allows you to quickly increase image resolution while improving details and color rendering.
Apple ProRaw Profile is now supported:
Capture ProRaw images in iOS 14.3 or later and easily import and edit them in Camera Raw using the new profile.
Other enhancements:
Find new options to filter and sort photos in your Filmstrip. You can also quickly reorder the Edit panels based on your needs.
Support for new cameras and lenses:
Find newly added cameras and lenses in the full list of supported profiles.

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