Ditto 绿色版 (www.dayanzai.me)发布。Ditto 绿色版是一款强大的 Windows 剪贴板增强工具,它支持64位操作系统,而且完全免费,Ditto 绿色开源,支持中文,而且还有免安装的绿色版本。开启 Ditto 后,不会有任何程序界面出现,它只是默默地在系统右下角弹出了一个蓝色的托盘图标,这时候你复制任何内容到剪贴板都会被 Ditto 一一记录。如果你什么时候想找到它,就可以按 Ctrl+`,当中的每条内容都可以供你选择性的重新复制。

另外,Ditto 还提供“合并粘贴”功能——许多文章的重点内容往往都分布在各个部分,这个时候你可能需要在这篇文章复制很多次,再粘贴到同一个地方去,而你有了 Ditto,就可以使用 CTRL 或 Shitft 选择多条记录,然后一次性的粘贴出来。


What’s new in Portable Ditto
March 1, 2021
Don’t auto hide the window when editing a clip
Don’t hide the tooltip window when copying from html viewer, same as rtf
When set to always on top refresh active window on first mouse move over window
Don’t refresh the list when a copy is made from the description window
Use on demand icu dll for upper/lower case manipulation
Removed icu dlls, use dll included in windows
Fixed gdi leaks
Handle shift – home to select all items above the current selection
Use string size to create strings, found data sometimes didn’t have a null terminator so extra data was at the end of the string
Added a way to force crash, type crash in search and shift-control click
Added support for total commander diff
Enable html format by default if no formats are defined
Fixed issue with screen resolution changing with scaled dpi settings, window would go smaller
Updated c++ dependancies to the latest
Fixed issue with high cpu with search full text selected when only a few items are returend
Added a way through add ins to get/set the description
Added adv option to set the default editor font size
If searching for both description and full text use Distinct to ensure we don’t return mutliple rows
Fixed issue with export to text and image only allowing 1000 clips
Refresh list after delete all non used clips from task tray
Added option to delete all non used clips
If database is on a network share refresh Ditto when showing if last write time of db has been updated
If db is on a network drive, or anything other than C: then wait for that db to come online
Added new global key to send a copy and save the current clipboard in one shot
Added option to not place cf_hdrop onto the drag object when dragging from Ditto. Found latest firefox wouldn’t accept drops if the cf_hdrop type was on there
Enable / disable edit boxes for max count and keep days in config
Update diff paths
Order by sticky clip order first then group, then clip order – updated indexes


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