Notepad3 中文版。虽然 Windows 操作系统在过去几年中得到了显着更新。 但是,默认的 Windows 记事本在 20 年内未更新。 如果你需要一个简单的编程任务的文本编辑器,请考虑使用 Notepad3 中文版吧!我们使用默认 Windows 记事本当前缺少的所有功能创建了 Notepad3。 Notepad3 是一个快速,轻量级的基于 Scintilla 的文本编辑器,具有语法高亮功能。 它占用的内存很小,但功能强大,足以处理大多数编程工作。

Windows 记事本替代工具 Notepad3 中文多语特别版

基本 Notepad3 功能

此外,Notepad3 具有以下功能:代码折叠,括号匹配,自动缩进,字自动完成,转换各种格式(ASCII,UTF-8和UTF-16)之间的字符编码,换行格式转换(在 DOS 之间(CR/LF),Unix(LF)和 Macintosh(CR)格式),多个撤销或重做,书签和基于正则表达式的查找和替换。

以前我们提到 Notepad3 几乎可以处理任何编程工作,我们不会撒谎。只需查看下面支持的编程语言列表,找到您最喜欢的。

它为 ASP,汇编语言,AutoHotkey,AutoIt3,AviSynth,Bash,BAT,C,C ++,C#,CMake,CoffeeScript,通用网关接口(CGI),层叠样式表(CSS),DIFF,HTML,INF 提供语法高亮支持。 INI,Inno Setup,Java,JavaScript,LaTeX,Lua,Markdown,NSIS,Pascal,Perl,PHP,Python,REG,Ruby,SQL,Tcl,Visual Basic(VB),VBScript,VHDL 脚本,XHTML,XML,YAML ,D 源脚本,Go 源脚本,JSON,Makefile,MATLAB,Nim 源代码,Power Shell 脚本,资源脚本,Shell 脚本以及对 NFO ANSI 艺术的改进支持。

下载 Notepad3
Notepad3 有两种风格。用于将其安装到计算机并可选择替换默认 Windows 记事本的设置。便携式版本可直接从 U 盘或便携式硬盘驱动器运行。只需下载您喜欢的任何一个。


What’s new in Notepad3
February 27, 2021
Use user locale for date/time insert format: can be menu switched to preferred UI language.
Enable horizontal scrolling by “Shift + Mouse-Wheel”.
Show search wrap-around tooltip (issue #3038).
Kotlin Source Lexer based on Zufuliu’s Kotlin Lexer code base.
Dart Lexer based on Zufuliu’s Dart Lexer code base.
TinyExpr: additional number parsing for binary (0b…) and octal (0o…) number formats.
Extension “.pkb” to SQL Lexer.
‘Dark Mode’ support for Windows 10 20H2 Version 2009 (Build 19042).
Open/Save file explorer dialog: populate file filter with current lexer supported file extensions.
Minipath.ini: [Settings2] FocusLostOpacity=100 (opycity level on losing focus).
Hotkey ‘F3’: use MRU latest item before clipboard content as search pattern if prior search pattern is empty.
Support Lexer switching while Customize Schemes dialog is open.
Expand current lexers style tree on customize schemes dialog startup.
grepWinNP3: “Stay On Top” titlebar context-menu (GRE).
Faster statusbar update response / avoid flickering.
Reducing Titlebar, Toolbar and Statusbar flickering.
Set Light/Dark Mode for grepWinNP3 execution (GRE).
Customize Schemes: show selected theme title.
DarkMode: remember DarkMode chosen Scheme/Theme for next start.
Configurable Dark Mode colors (non Explorer-Theme, Owner-Drawn).
Menu item to switch between Default and Dark-Mode.
DarkMode: Toolbar, static checkbox/listbox control.
Win10 DarkMode Awareness (initial development).
MiniPath: support mouse xbuttons for browsing direction.
Code styling reformat MiniPath sources (AStyle: OTBS).
Simple Line Comment Toggle handles each line separately
Menu move Line/Stream Comment items to Edit -> Selection top.
Find/Repl dialog – refactoring and minor fixes.
JSON5 enhancements to Scintilla’s original JSON-Lexer.
Statusbar Selection-Info: switch to byte (instead of character) counting for huge files.
Use user locale for date/time insert format: insert date before time & tab separated.
Tinyexpr evaluation of math constants “e” and “pi” not being separated from prepending text.
Extent static find/replace/mark occurances pattern buffer to 4095 characters.
Initial start screen resolution independent fixed base font size.
Avoid wrap-around requester if there is no other possible occurrence.
Behavior change: copy to clipboard on empty selection -> don’t copy anything if current line is empty.
Update keywords list in Style INNO Lexer.
No error message after decline loading file of huge size.
Renaming Chinese displayed encoding according to MIME/IANA.
Sci_PositionCR type reverted to long for Win32 compatibility reasons.
Rebase DarkMode module on delay load version branch of win32-darkmode project.
Update the KeyWordList of lexers “C# Source Code” and “SQL Query”.
Bookmark Occurrences Colors changed to get perceptually distinct colors.
Migration from CreateLexer() by ID to CreateLexer() by Name (Lexilla IFace5 conform) (GRE).
TinyExpr format floating.point with non zero fractional part.
TinyExpr: change format (allow longer integer before switching to mantissa/exponent format).
Prepare for Lexilla Library (Scintilla v5) (SCI).
Using @zufuliu’s EOL Mode detection enhancement (no SSE2 or AVX2 specializations).
Unify search-pattern retrieval: (0.selection)[F/R-DLG] – 1.previous-search/MRU-List – 2.clipboard.
grepWinNP3: save changed “Stay On Top” settings on exit (GRE).
First part of DarkMode Theme for MiniPath.
Separate DarkMode window-backgr color from button-facecolor.
Opacity level on loosing focus for grepWinNP3.
TinyExpr: ‘%’ operator: distinguish between modulo and percent operation by context.
Due to lack of interest, “Notepad3DLL” is discontinued.
User configurable “Web Action” menu item names.
Update grepWinNP3 (GRE) version (2021-02.05).
Update Oniguruma Regex (ONI) engine version 6.9.7 (2021-01-24).
Update Scintilla Library (SCI) version 4.4.6 (2020-12-01).
URL-Decoding of file Hyperlinks (“file://…”).
Wrap-Around tooltip use correct encoding.
Multi-Line movement: proceed to document end correctly.
Toggle comment on empty selection at insertion point: keep position of selection end.
MiniPath: Enable Mouse XButton usage (“browse back and forth”).
Toggle Comment: proper selection handling.
Do not move selection on search pattern change if in Replace-Dlg.
FJSON Lexer has comments enabled now.
F/R-Dialog – allow multi-line clipboard paste to Replace String combobox too.
F/R: fixes some issues around RegEx zero-length match/findings.
ReplaceAll. avoid busy loop (infinity) while replacing zero-length-match (RegExpr).
F/R dialog don’t change selection by typing search pattern.
F/R show wrap-around tooltip only if message boxes are hidden.
JSON5 string line continuation.
Context-Menu Handling in Release Mode.
Burndown some VS Analyze Mode Infos/Warnings.
Wildcard search: unintentional wrap around.
AHKL lexer: visual brace matching mix-ups.
InfoBox message icon DPI scaling.
Tinyexpr functions and constants parsing.
Buffer overrun while initializing structures.
Fix Font Dialog (Size handling) problems (issue #3012).
F/R dialog: Transform Backslash option glitch.
F/R dialog: message box in case of not matching pattern.
Multi-Replace using RegExpr and Group-References.
Refactoring encoding detection: pure ASCII vs. 7-bit.
File encoding analysis with 7-bit ASCII only.
File save problem after switching encoding to GB2312 (52936).
Initial path on OpenFile dialog (load file).
Compiler complaints (new VS2019 version v16.8.1).
Allow single character filename on command line.
Disable Copy/Cut complete lines on partial multi-selection.
Find/Repl all in range algo.
Oniguruma flexible EOL handling (Win CRLF, Unix LF and Mac CR) (ONI).
Replace all in range.
Avoid file cache lost on power failure.
Copy/Cut/Delete “Focused View” lines (clipboard).
Cut/cop occurrences marker line(s) if marker in first line.
Initial directory for open/save file Explorer dialog.
TOML Lexer performance leak.
Freezing of main window caused by mixed usage of Lexer Interfaces.
Setting new IFace5 Lexer (should fix line/stream comment toggle issue #2912).
Lexer file extensions maintained in standard config.
grepWin language switching ( (GRE).
Clone full .ini-file path for forked new instance (GRE).
grepWinNP3: wide char path names for language files (GRE).
Stop file change notification on deleted files if save is rejected.
Some RegEx engine fixes (current Oniguruma dev) (ONI).
Performance leak in TOML Lexer.
Customize Schemes title assembling.
DarkMode switching while non-modal dialogs are active.
TinyExpr: interpretation of ‘%’ operator: allow “(…)” on rhs of modulo interpretation.
TinyExpr: remove the need of blank for smart interpretation of ‘%’ operator.
Failed to set DarkMode for owner drawn ComboBoxEx controls.
DarkMode: toolbar button text.
Let DarkMode work with 20H2.
grepWinNP3 new instance: read correct .ini-file (protable) (GRE).
Fix Win7 start-up crash.
Final default color correction (toolbar, statusbar and margin).
Allow removing of compile pre-processing switch D_NP3_WIN10_DARK_MODE.
Bring back themed ReBar (Toolbar parent) for Win7.
Bring back themed ReBar (Toolbar parent) for Win10 using Light Mode (DarkMode not wanted).
Win7 Toolbar background back to COLOR_BTNFACE, Win10 stays with COLOR_WINDOWS.
Update Titlebar on document modified.
Clean .ini-config for default values.
Standard margin background colors.
DarkMode: switch std. background and text color too.
DarkMode support / init / settings handling.
TinyExpr: ‘%%’ as percent operator is deprecated.
Afrikaans (af-ZA).
Belarusian (be-BY).
Chinese Simplified (zh-CN).
Chinese Traditional (zh-TW) (incomplete…).
Dutch (nl-NL).
English (en-GB).
French (fr-FR).
German (de-DE).
Greek (el-GR) (incomplete…).
Hindi (hi-IN)
Hungarian (hu-HU).
Indonesian (id-ID) (incomplete…).
Italian (it-IT).
Japanese (ja-JP).
Korean (ko-KR).
Polish (pl-PL).
Portuguese (pt-PT).
Portuguese Brazilian (pt-BR) (incomplete…).
Russian (ru-RU).
Slovak (sk-SK).
Spanish (es-ES).
Spanish Latin America (es-LA) (incomplete…).
Swedish (sv-SE).
Turkish (tr-TR) (incomplete…).
Vietnamese (vi-VN) (incomplete…).


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