ShellFolderFix 1.1.4 + x64 中文汉化版 (汉化发布。ShellFolderFix 中文汉化版是一款专业用于 Windows 7 系统的软件,它可以帮助用户记住你所打开窗口的位置和大小。ShellFolderFix 中文是一个系统增强型的实用小程序,对于一些办公族而言增加了不少便利。

ShellFolderFix 中文版可以大大提高办公效率的实用小软件 ,ShellFolderFix 可以记住用户打开过的每个文件夹窗口在桌面上的位置及大小,当用户再次打开曾经关闭过的文件夹窗口时,就会以原来的位置及大小出现在工作区。不仅如此,ShellFolderFix 中文版还支持以原来的位置和大小批量打开文件夹。

管理你的文件夹位置和大小 ShellFolderFix 中文版

ShellFolderFix 中文版为用户创建了一个工作区的概念,比如,我们在桌面打开几个常用文件夹的窗口,以方便的位置摆放好后,右击系统托盘处的ShellFolderFix 图标,点击“保存工作区”并命名;以后我们面对相同任务需要重新打开这些文件夹时,只需点击“恢复工作区”并选中自己命名的工作区,即可将原来的文件夹窗口均按关闭前在桌面上的位置及大小一一打开,大大提高工作效率。

除了上述主要功能,ShellFolderFix 中文汉化版还支持一次关闭所有文件夹,最小化所有文件夹;保存和恢复桌面图标,如果你觉得这一切在系统托盘操作不便,还可以将其集成到右键菜单。


1.1.4 更新日志
added pages to options dialog to be able to fit more options, and to make a clear separation between normal and advanced/expert options
added folder list dialog, that lists all open folder windows with commands to activate, minimize and close windows.
added option to show “Save Database Now” command in menu, instead of always displaying it (now hidden by default)
added option to specify start delay that used when the app auto-starts and the Windows folder option “Restore previous folder windows at logon” is enabled, this option might help solve problems with windows that end up with incorrect size/pos at startup
added control modifier option so that windows can be closed without database or recent file list getting updated, when holding down a control key during close
added “Disable State Recording” functionality, when enabled it suspends database updates so that windows can be resized and moved without their new size/position being saved (optionally this can be overridden with a control key modifier)
added option to control behavior of newly opened windows, to allow the app to be configured to not affect window size/pos (suitable for users that would only like to use other functionality, like for example workspaces or recent folder list)
ReadMe updated with more (and reworded) information, courtesy of kind forum poster Yahya


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